Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our estimate is always free.

Window repair is something that is very difficult to do with your own hands. You can search for information on the Internet for a long time and try to do it yourself, but without a good tool and experience, nothing can work. Save money and time with professionals.

If you decide to replace the windows in your house and are sure that the old windows are absolutely unusable, then remember, according to statistics only 10% of cases it is true. In 90% of cases, old windows can be restored. After restoration, the windows find a new life and are able to stay for many years. Call us for free estimate.

No, we do all the work near the costumer house. we never leave open space for a long time.

This is because your unit has stopped working correctly due to time and this means that it needs to be replaced. Due to the different temperatures outside and in your house, condensation forms there. if the unit is new, then the condensate itself may disappear. if the unit was installed long ago, then the condensate remains between the two panels.

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